The top of "The Hill" includes hidden gems to make your trip unique:

  • The Library of Congress is considered one of Washington's most beautiful buildings.  It includes:
  • ... one of three perfect Gutenberg Bibles
  • ... the Reading Room featured in National Treasures
  • ... Thomas Jefferson's original library , and more
  • The Supreme Court.
  • The Folger Shakespeare Library and Theatre.
  • The first American downtown to have front lawns.
  • The last house to resist the burning of the Capitol in 1814.

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Minerva after the Civil War at the Library of Congress National Treasures reading room.

Minerva, the Roman Goddess of War and Wisdom,  has put down her helmet and shield as the sun dispels the clouds of war.  Which field of study will she choose?  And who is the pouting goddess?

Supreme Court of the United States.  Former site of Old Brick Capitol and  Civil War Prison

What was on the site of the  U.S. Supreme court before construction began in 1932?  

And who are the statues on either side?

Who is allowed to study at the Library of Congress?

Do you remember this reading room from National Treasures?  

Who is allowed to study here?

Who can take books out?

Statuary Hall U.S. Capitol.  Clio the Muse of History recording debates.

As Representatives left the Old House Chamber, this statue reminded them that History was recording everything they said.   Alexa?

Folger Elizabethan Theater.  Shakespeare Library.

Why does the Folger Shakespeare library have more than half of the First Folios in the world?  And what sort of plays can you see here?

Capitol Hill Neighborhood town houses.  The L'Enfant plan created the first front lawns.

The neighborhood streets a block away from the Supreme Court were the first in America to feature front lawns.  What did George Washington call them?  And why did he create them?


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