National Mall walking tour

Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean, Einstein,FDR,Martin Luther King, WWII Memorials walking tour.

Explore the Mall's Monuments In Depth

This tour is limited to twelve people, to adjust for individual interests and pace.  We start at the Washington Monument Visitor's Center, and explore a few of the monuments' special secrets:

  • Why is the Washington Monument lighter at the bottom, and what was it called during the Civil War?
  • Is there really graffiti at the World War II Memorial?
  • What building was the Pentagon until 1942?  
  • What concert was a first at the Lincoln Memorial?
  • Why is the Vietnam Memorial hidden from the streets?
  • Can we see the National Christmas Tree?

Why did FDR get a "front porch" on his memorial?

Why are the statues at the Korean Veterens Memorial  steel?

Why could you call the Memorial Bridge the most imporant one in the U.S.?

Students climb the Einstein statue in front of the  National Academy of Sciences for good luck.

Why does Einstein have a shiny nose?

Visit White House.  Marine One .  Courtesy of GW Bush Presidential Library.

Does the flag above the White House tell us that the President is coming home?

The Secret Face in the back of Lincoln's head.  Robert E Lee?

Do you see the Secret Face in the back of Lincoln's Head?  And who do we say it is?

Pricing and Availability

     Regular tours begin at 9:30 AM and 2:00 pm.  This personalized tour includes complimentary transportation on the DC Circulator, and is less expensive than the hop-on, hop-off busses for groups of five or more.  Ask us about our special on booking the entire tour.